Join Our 90 Day Club

40/40 Club

Want to leave a lasting impression on the Pub? Looking for a way to impress your friends and family? Join the Finnigan’s Wake 90 Day Club or the 40/40 Club.

This illustrious club is filled with an array of customers who have proven they can commit. They ate, they drank, they made friends, they became family. The 40/40 Club came from a self-challenge by a 90 Day Clubber. 40 draft beers in 40 days. He was successful, and a new club was born.

Ask your server or bartender about joining one or both of our clubs.

90 Day Club

Join us for 90 straight days and you'll receive: a party with your personal tab paid for by the pub, a 90-Day Club T-shirt with your name (or whatever you want) on it and your name forever on the wall.

You must come in every day and purchase something. It doesn’t have to be alcohol. A “day” is the Finnigan’s business day. Before and after midnight is NOT 2 different days at Finnigan’s.

You get three (3) mulligans. A mulligan is a day that you are going to be gone but leave money to buy something for someone else. We must know before you are leaving. You cannot miss a day and then pay for 2 days afterwards.